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Are you tired of using an app that's reaching the end of its life cycle? Frustrated with the limited support and lack of updates? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for you. Return Prime is here to provide you with a smooth and effortless migration experience. Migrate from Returnly today

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Don't wait for your current app to sunset and leave you in a lurch. Embrace the future of Returns and Exchanges with Return Prime. Our seamless migration process ensures that you won't miss a beat and can continue your tasks uninterrupted. Start your Migration from Returnly today

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Why Return Prime Over other apps?

Return Prime is #1 App on Shopify App store to manage Returns and Exchanges. We are the only 5 star rated app chosen by thousands of brand across 100+ countries.

With Return Prime, you get:

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Cross-Platform Compatibility

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Enhanced Features and Functionality

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Returns converted into Revenue

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Best Pricing across ecosystem, despite being the top app to manage Returns and Exchange.

Still have questions?

Contract buyout from Returnly

Contract Buyout

We understand how important it is to choose the right partner to support you with your business, but if you get stuck under a contract with an unreliable partner, we have got you covered :)

We buy your contract to ensure, you see a smooth transition. Start your Migration from Returnly Today

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It just takes 15 min to go live

While the world trying to complicate everything around you, we ensure to simplify it. We have been awarded with the most simplest solution available in the ecosystem. We will help you migrate from Returnly in no time

Our DIY modal helps you do everything with so ease in no time. With us it just takes 15 min to go live.

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We don't make you hostage

Unlike others, we believe in trust and so we don't make you hostage by putting a yearly contract. We strongly believe the decision should never be manipulated by the knife of contract.

We want to have the fear of loosing you so we constantly evolve and upgrade our bars of support and service.

How does migration work ?
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Add Return prime from Shopify app store, you can click on the button above to automatically add the app, don 't worry it's free to add :)

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After installing Return Prime from the Shopify app store, just follow the steps provided in app and you will be ready to do all the testing in just 10 min.

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On the Live chat, just text a "hi" and we will take care of the rest. We promise to make the experience super amazing for you.

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You can also book a call with us to help you navigate the entire process and to dive into a complete demonstration of the product.

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Return Prime reviews
Return Prime reviews