60% of customers will never buy again because of a bad returns experience

50%+ of total online returns are for Clothing/Fashion brands. Return Prime has exactly the right tools to help merchants selling clothes or apparels offer the best Returns/Exchange experience to their customers.

We know what works and what not

We built the products alongside our merchants. Returns and Exchange is a big inevitable pain of eCommerce for both customers as well as merchants and it needs the right balance of process and experience both. As a business, you need the right insights about the returns and as a customer, we all need the freedom for a seamless returns. No one wants to regret their decision of buying from you.

What data says about returns?

Most of the brands we have talked to underestimate the power of data. Until you don't get to know the real reasons, you can't correct them for your customers. A form doesn't work well, you need the right tool!

Keep the customer informed

Communication is the key in any relationship around the world. Keeping your customers informed at every instance of their post purchase journey goes a long way in building a transparent culture they can trust.

Multiple Refund Modes helps businesses too

Refund should be offered basis on the return reasons as it helps both business as well as customer. Say for instance, if the product is defective, it should be a full refund while if they did not like the product, they should get a store credit instead.

Curious to know how major Fashion/Apparel brands are managing returns with Return Prime?

We have worked with multiple brands in the clothing niche and we know how they used to handle the Returns and Exchanges manually. Return Prime came in the place when the merchants started scaling and facing these issues to retain the customers once they make a purchase from their website.

A frictionless returns and exchange option is a need for all eCommerce brands today. With Return Prime, you get all required in a plug and play solution. We envision to help merchants increase their retention by offering the best post purchase experience to their customers.

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We ask it and we get it! Super approachable Team that enables us to simplify and streamline our multiple tasks- they undertake all the measures to ensure they deliver amazing customer experience and thereby ensuring ultimate goal satisfaction!!

Conrad Hasselbach Shoes & Garment

We had been looking for an alternative to our returns app for a while now. But we needed a connection to Shippo, which is now possible since yesterday. So I installed the app and what can I say great. Everything is customizable, all texts can be translated into the required language.

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