Now mark returns and exchanges with Return prime - Vinculum integration

Return Prime made it easy for all the information and returns to be carried out from one single system, saving time and effort.

How it works?

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How a partnership with Return Prime helps you manage your returns automatically by transitioning from manual to automatic.

Is Handling Your Returns Manually Lagging Your Business?
Handling shipments and return requests can be a difficult task if everything has to be done manually.Caught up getting things done manually has been the process for all but why continue when there is an option to make things simpler?An easy process of handling shipments with all the information stored under a uniform system, where manual return processes can be made automatic, this has helped save a lot of human effort. With Return Prime, merchants can now concentrate on their business rather than invest time on activities that Return Prime can handle easily.

Who is the Vinculum Group?
Vin eRetail helps you manage complete autonomy and visibility of inventory for multiple clients through a single unified view. Vin eRetail enables its clients to adopt standard warehouse flows combining transactions across clients, with labels, invoices, reports tailored to each client’s specific requirement, thereby saving time and effort.
So where did the problem lie? Keeping a track of their overall information  that is keeping a record of all the  shipments, Forward and Reverse via an independent system was draining and very time consuming. We all want things done faster and more conveniently through a common system. So for every Return Request raised, merchants were marking the returns  on Vinculum Manually. Also since the inventory is managed through Vinculum for the Merchant they had to update the inventory Manually every time the item arrives back that led to Accounting Issues. Return Prime sweeped in to solve this issue.


Rise of accounting issues due to an independent system for Forward Shipments and Reverse shipments so for every Return Request Raised, Merchants manually returned them on Vinculum. Here the inventory had to be updated with every item that came back. All of which was a very long and tiring process.


Return Prime was able to wipe off their main concern of time management and too much effort being put into the inventory. With Return Prime everything started happening automatically. With information being updated and Audits being done on a single system. Thus saving human effort and error.


Time and effort being saved led to the merchants’ better concentration on their business instead of getting things done manually. Audits have become easy leading to the overall improvement in the entire process and the system.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos

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