How Return Prime Helped them?

Creating an experience where customer can relate is way more important than anything else when it comes to retention. Using your own lingos are a really cherry on the cake. It gives your customer an awesome post purchase experience.

There might be several other brands and competitors that might be selling similar products as yours. You might sell the product at a cheaper price as compared to your competitors to boost the number of sales. But they would never come back to your ecommerce store again if they are not satisfied with your product and services even if it's cheaper.
Here comes the necessity of understanding the post purchase journey of your customer. From receiving the order to requesting a refund or exchange of product and ending up with a replaced product or a refund. This Post purchase journey is what actually decides that your customer will come back again to your ecommerce store or not. Starting from the return and exchange policy, they should be clear and precise, and every user should understand the terms of returns and exchange when they read your policy. The entire post purchase journey should be short and hassle free for the customer. Therefore a well versed post purchase journey can:

  • Encourage your customers to keep visiting your store
  • Combat buyer’s remorse
  • Help you gain strong grounds in the ecommerce business among many competitors.

Customize text in your native language.

Email notification sent to the customer in their native language

And the end it is worth mentioning the need of strong support backing you up, no matter what. If you are able to transparently communicate with your customer in your language. It could give your retention a boost that nothing else can. If you still think about why you should choose us, let’s make things simple for you.We become a part of your store.

We understand the need to keep everything branded, which definitely helps you gain more trust within your customer.

We have our wonder women actively running through the streets, looking out to help you at any given point. She reaches within a minute once called. Because we know we are together in this.

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” – Jeff Bezos, Founder of