We let you manage your returns and exchange in a way, no one else can!

Return Prime integrates with your Shopify store seamlessly to let your customers raise a return/exchange on their own.


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What is the difference
between Return Prime & Aftership returns center

Running an online store means there are always acceptable reasons for returns. And in this highly competitive world, it is very important to optimize the cost of operations.

Return Prime can help you save money and retain customers by getting your items back to the sales floor, making credits available sooner, and getting as much value as possible from unsellable products.

Why us?

Why Return Prime is better than any other Return Apps

We care for the customers of our customer.

We understand how important it is for you to satisfy your customer. So all our plans and ideas revolve around making things easy and accessible for your customer, so they can start loving the brand more than they did before us :)

We work on experience more than features :)

It is very important for the store owners to focus only on sales, but in most of the cases they spend a lot of time with their app developers, in order to understand the process. That is why we spent more of our time on optimising experience and making the system simplified and easily understandable. Tutorial videos for each section for someone new who joins the team is our cherry on the cake :)

Our league of Superheroes will be with you throughout :)

Our league of superheroes led by wonder women stays with you throughout the journey. They stay just one click away from you. We understand the need of support and the pace of resolution. And so we have set the bar high for us to serve you in all possible ways. You can count on us whenever you need :)

Pricing to suit all sizes of business.

No matter what size of business you have, Return Prime is affordable for each and every merchant. We don’t want you to spend money without getting value out of it. We have made our pricing structure affordable for anyone who joins us in the crusade.

Same features.
Radically affordable pricing.

Return Prime gives all its features to all users, across all plans. No restrictions, no breaking the bank.


Häufig gestellte Fragen

Wie lange brauche ich, um loszulegen?

Sie können in wenigen Minuten einrichten und loslegen. Es wurde entwickelt, um Ihre Arbeit zu reduzieren, nicht um zu erhöhen :)

Wie können wir die vorherigen Bestellungen mit der Return-Prime-App synchronisieren?

Darüber müssen Sie sich keine Sorgen machen. Unser intelligentes System kümmert sich ohne Ihr Zutun um alles.

Wenn der Plan Mitte des Monats aktualisiert wird, wie würde der Betrag angepasst?

Die Daten bleiben gleich und der Plan wird aktualisiert und die alten Anfragen bleiben gleich. Wenn Sie 50 Anfragen genutzt haben und ein Upgrade auf 100 Anfragepläne planen. 50 Anfragen würden noch verwendet und Sie erhalten 50 neue Anfragen für den Monat.

Sind die Preise für Return prime verhandelbar?

Preise sind etwas, das über shopify zu uns kommt. Da alle Pläne von Shopify abgewickelt werden, ist keine Verhandlung mit den Preisen möglich.

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